Friday, April 16, 2010


It's been another year again since my last post. Heck, i didn't know i was that emotional back then. I guess deep inside me i've changed nevertheless it always for the betterment and i'm glad to be who i am now.

Just to update myself, I'm still stucked with this pathetic study life but i'm sure it's gonna end so soon before i ever knew. 1 more year and i'm gonna persevere! We'll see what the future lies ahead. Can't wait though. Patience...patience ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bali Here I Come !

Leaving to Bali, Indonesia 2morrow. Shall be a great experience and wonderful vacation. Will be off for 9 days from the 19th to 28th. See you !


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Feeling emotional again...

Every time i browsed through my blog, different thoughts kept coming in wanting me to send out words expressing my complicated thoughts. So many things in me has changed when i look into the past and present. I used to be cheerful back then, and i am always passionate and determined in whatever i do. Most importantly whatever i did i did it without regrets and I'm always contented in whatever presented itself to me. However, now I'm seeing myself as another alter ego where I'm significantly different compared to my prior self. I lost my passion for a lot of things. I quit my favorite sport basketball for no reason. People around turned their back on me. Friendship seemed to be fragile these days, i hate to say that but that was what i truly felt. Now and then many things had overlapped itself, never a state of balance. Sooner or later i think my whole life will be sheer misery. Life has never been simple, I'm opted to do things where i can never make rightful decisions. Problems never came to a complete settlement. Above all, I'm beginning to hate myself for that!

For all those sadness and disappointments that i've brought, i'm truly sorry! I shall reconsider myself and i will change to be a better man in future.

I'm 21 now, life is at another turning point. I want a bright future and hence things has to alter itself to the most decent. I shall recover fast and make this point a stepping stone to whoever i foresee myself. God bless me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yiruma my fav pianist

Here's one guy with the looks, the charm and the skills that could enthrall anyone out there. He's a Korean if I'm not mistaken and a magnificent pianist for sure. Here's one song he played that i listen over and over again. I wonder why i never get bored with his music. Enjoy


Here's a Yiruma wannabe haha...although there are lotsa imperfections but u know i tried >.0

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm a ghost

My blog is dying just like pieces of me shattered and dispersed everywhere i don't know where to begin myself with.

Btw, to descibe myself recently...i'm becoming more or less a soul-less a life without passion and things are deteriorating gradually...i couldnt forsee myself but seing myself plunging into the unknown...what's there to fill in the empty bottle of mine?...till then...i need my soul back...!